Indian Rear Fender Only

Custom designed and 3D printed using Carbon Fiber Nylon filament.  These have been designed from the ground up using a 3D scanner to scan the swing arm.  These have a modular fender design so you can swap out different fender designs with only two bolts.  No need to take off the wheel or use a jack to install.  These install with double sided tape and braces on each side that bolts into the swing arm.  

Can only be used without passenger foot pegs because it utilizes the two bolt holes on each side of the swing arm, the ones by the main swing arm bolt.  Options to choose for 180mm, 200mm, and 240mm tire.  Can also purchase just fender separately for different design or upgrading wheel/tire.  Since these are 3D printed and takes hours, there might be slight imperfections.

- Fender Design - Solid or vented fender
- 9 pieces including fender

Lead time is 2-3 weeks.